Avoid Refinancing Hesitancy

Rising interest rates coupled with slowing home price growth have prompted many households to shop around for a new mortgage. Industry analysts predict that more borrowers will lock in their loans before the end of the month. FINLOANS offers homeowners the opportunity to refinance their existing first mortgage at the most upcoming rate. Our quick and simple process can help save you money over time, and we make it easier than ever to switch from your current lender!…Continue readingAvoid Refinancing Hesitancy


How To Survive Rising Interest Rates

Interest rates are an important factor in your decision to buy a home, but you have other factors to consider as well. There are many variables that can affect whether you purchase a home, including interest rate and vacancy rates of nearby homes. Either way, it is important to understand how interest rate affects the value of your property. …Continue readingHow To Survive Rising Interest Rates



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